Department of Planning
  • DAP1 Screening Checklist (63 Kb)
  • DAP2 Screening Checklist (55 Kb)
  • Building Residential Screening Checklist (1 Mb)
  • Building Commercial Screening Checklist (1 Mb)
  • Revisions Vetting Checklist (42 Kb)

    Development Control
  • DAP1 Development Application Form (1.10 Mb)
  • DAP2 Subdivision Application Form (1.35 Mb)
  • Notice of Intention to Develop (102 Kb)
  • Application for Revisions (405 Kb)
  • Plan Revision and Additional Information Form (404 Kb)
  • Planning Inspectorate Appeal Application (43.8Kb)
  • Letter from Neighbour (338 Kb)
  • Renewal of Planning Permission (25.8 Kb)

  • Enforcement
  • Complaint Form (4.85 Kb)

    Building Control
  • Residential Building Permit Application Form (200 Kb)
  • Commercial Building Permit Application Form (1.77 Mb)
  • Permitted Development Permit Application Form (302 Kb)
  • Building Materials Committee Application Form (61.4 Kb)
  • Public Assembly Exhibition Form (74.4 Kb)
  • Elevators Change of Registration Form (93.8Kb)

  • Planning Fees (931 Kb)
  • Interest-Free Loan Form (110 Kb)
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