St. David’s Community Survey – Follow Up

February 15, 2022

The St. David’s Community Plan Survey results provided valuable insight into what St. David’s residents and visitors like most about the area and what concerns they have.

The survey also highlighted the desire for a new grocery store in St. David’s.

To gain more detailed information, we are inviting further input from the St. David’s community in this St. David’s Grocery Store Survey

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Any questions, please email

St. David’s Community Survey

November 15, 2021

DEADLINE: Friday December 17th

We are inviting residents of St. David’s as well as visitors to St. David’s to contribute ideas on the future vision for St. David’s and to identify what amenities and services they would like to see in the St. David’s area.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short St. David’s Community Survey

This survey is the first step in creating a Community Plan for St. David’s.

This is a joint initiative between the Department of Planning and the Bermuda Land Development Company

We appreciate your input!

Any questions, please email

PROMOTION: Matthew Trott promoted to the post of Planner

July 9, 2021

The Department is pleased to announce that Mr. Matthew Trott has been recently promoted to the post of Planner!

Congratulations and all the best in your new role, Matthew!

We asked Matthew to share with us what led him to the career of planning and this is what he said:

“I chose planning as a profession because I was interested in helping to create places where people wanted to live, work and play. My planning degree was within the Faculty of Environment, however I was interested not only in the environmental ideals but also the social and economic ones and I have always approached planning in that manner.

I began working in the Department of Planning as a Trainee Planner in 2013 and have recently been promoted to the Planner post. In the Department, I have worked in Development Management and in the Forward Planning sections.

Over the years, as my ideas have evolved, I have come to understand that the best way to allow for healthy places to develop is to allow for many (if not most) decisions to be made by individuals in the community. The Department of Planning can contribute to the quality of these decisions not only through preserving a base level of land use orderliness, but also through disseminating verified factual information that will help ordinary people make informed decisions.

I am excited about the Department’s move to engage more with the public and look forward to working within the Department in contributing to wise decision making. I look forward to organizing various planning matters and communicating the information clearly to communities. 

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo, Canada. I am a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners”


Staff Spotlight – Meet Jessica Dill

June 16, 2021

The Department of Planning is honoured to welcome Jessica Dill to our team, as our new Trainee Heritage Officer.

We asked Jessica to tell us about herself and this is what she said:

“I hold a BArch and a MSc in BIM in Design Construction and Operations and have worked on the island and abroad. I bring an architectural technologist and project management background to the Dept. of Planning with experience from the UK and Australia, working within architectural firms.

While studying in the UK I gained a great appreciation for Architectural History and became very interested in how our history in Bermuda overlaps with that of so many other countries. That history lies in our books, in the stories of our elders and within the buildings that we live. Whilst working in the field I’ve become more knowledgeable about historical research and how to incorporate sympathetic design to these types of buildings to preserve their significance to our culture and our pasts.

I’m driven by finding solutions to move forward as a community while still preserving what makes our island so unique. This enthusiasm for sustainable conservation is what I hope to bring to this role. Every new story and fact I learn about Bermuda’s history pushes me to learn more and I am eager to share my passion for history, culture and architecture with the community.”

Bermuda Plan 2018 Notice

June 14, 2021


Notice Type: Government Notice

Notice Sub Type: Public Notification

Notice ID:  GN0474/2021

Public Authorities / Department: PLANNING

Publication date: 09 June 2021




(Act No. 51 of 1974)


WHEREAS The Minister of Home Affairs (“the Minister”) has caused a draft development plan entitled “The Draft Bermuda Plan 2018” to be prepared consisting of the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 Planning Statement and Zoning Maps;

AND WHEREAS the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 was declared operative on the 3rd day of December 2018;

AND WHEREAS objections and representations in respect of the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 have been invited by the Minister and determined by the Objections Tribunal duly appointed for that purpose;

AND WHEREAS the Minister upon due consideration by him of the report of the Tribunal he deems it expedient to exercise in relation to the Draft Bermuda Plan 2018 the powers conferred upon him by section 11 (9) of the Development and Planning Act 1974;

NOW, THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers conferred upon the Minister by the said section 11 (9) of the Development and Planning Act 1974 and all other powers him hereunto enabling, the following NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that:-

  1. This Notice may be cited as the Bermuda Plan 2018 Notice 2021
Bermuda Plan 2018 approval
  1. The Bermuda Plan 2018 is HEREBY DECLARED to have been approved by resolution of the House of Assembly on the 4th day of June 2021 and the Senate on the 9th day of June 2021 pursuant to the provisions of section 11 (8) of the Development and Planning Act 1974 and shall become operative on the 9th day of June 2021.
Inspection of Plan
  1. The Bermuda Plan 2018 Planning Statement and Zoning Maps can be inspected on the Department of Planning website

Given under my hand this 9th day of June 2021.

The Hon. Walter Roban, JP, MP

Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs

Click here to view The Bermuda Plan 2018