Planning Guidelines for Hurricanes Repairs

September 15, 2020

The Department of Planning knows you want to repair any damage to your property caused by the recent passing of storms as soon as possible. The Department of Planning technical officers are available to assist.
Repairs to Buildings

Like for like repairs of windows, doors and roof slate will not require planning permission or a building permit if the damage is limited to non-structural issues. Owners can proceed immediately with these types of repairs as soon as it is feasibly possible.

Repairs to buildings that received structural damage as a result of a hurricane may only commence following the receipt of a building permit from the Department of Planning. These applications will be given priority and will be processed expeditiously. The Department can allow for dangerous structural repairs to commence without a permit as long as we are made aware and structural details are submitted as an application as expeditiously as possible following commencement of work.

Class IV of the Development and Planning (General Development) Order 1999 says that a General Development Permit / Permitted Development Permit can be used for damages caused by storms and fire provided that no more than 60% of the building/structure has been destroyed and that the replacement is not greater than the existing building/structure.

Please review the General Development Order / Permitted Development Permit Guidance Note for more information: Download Now

For building permit information, please contact Aidan Stones on 295-5151 ext. 1309 or For development application information, please contact Paul McDonald on 297-7793 or

Repairs to Listed Buildings
Repairs to Listed Buildings or buildings located within Historic Protection Areas that received structural damage as a result of the hurricane may only commence following receipt of a building permit from the Department. All such permit applications will be expedited by theDepartment.

Repairs to a Listed Building damaged as a result of a severe weather event using “like-for- like” details and materials will not require planning permission or a building permit if the damage is limited to non- structural issues. Owners can proceed immediately with repairing items such as windows, doors and roof slate with identical materials to replicate the style and detailing of the original structure.

For further information or advice, please contact Larry Williams on 297-7724 or

Please review Guidance Note 203 for more information: Download Now

Repairs for Damaged Sea Walls and Docks
Seawalls and docks to be replaced will ordinarily require a building permit only. This is to ensure that the replacement structures meet the Bermuda Building Code 1998 and are structurally sound. Since seawalls and docks can have a negative impact on the natural foreshore both physically and visually, planning permission may be required in some instance. Prior to considering any repair works the Department of Planning should be consulted.

Assistance, information and clarification of the requirements should be directed to the Department of Planning at 297-7756. For the most up to date information, visit the Department’s website:

Building Control Contact List

Aidan Stones Acting Building Control Officer X1309
Donna Francis Permits Processor X1755
Omar Douglas Acting Asst. Building Control Officer X1364
Steven Every Electrical Inspector X1580
Melvin Holdipp Building Inspector X1186
Damon Walker Building Inspector X1687
Kenny Young Building Inspector X1206

Staff Spotlight – Meet Donna Francis

August 28, 2020
It’s that time again for our Staff Spotlight!
Donna Francis, a key member of our support staff, has these words to say:
‘I have worked for the Department for 10 years. I initially started as a File Clerk and since have gained experience working at the Front Desk, inputting data and assisting members of the public. This role has placed me in a prime position to be of service to the public. Most recently, I have been promoted to Acting Permits Processor where I am responsible for ensuring the administrative tasks such as issuing building permit documentation and recording inspection requests are carried out in an efficient manner. I always strive to help my Department in any way I can!’

Inspiring The Next Generation

August 28, 2020

Justin Bascome Dickinson, student studying architecture at the University of Preston, shadows Omar Douglas, Plans Examiner, for the day.  

Staff Spotlight – Meet Macy Aicardi

August 28, 2020
The Department wishes Macy Aicardi all the best in her next academic year at university following a very successful placement with us this summer.
A few words from Macy about her experience:
‘I am a Bermudian student at the University of British Columbia about to enter my second year of studies. I am pursuing a major in Geography: Environment and Sustainability, therefore having a position at the Department of Planning has been extremely beneficial for me in opening my eyes to possible career paths! The past few months I have been working with planners within the Development Management side of planning which has meant lots of site visits, meetings with the DAB and applicants, and learning about all the legislation and policies required to assess an application. Some projects I have undertaken this summer include visiting and assessing structures which have used shipping containers and commenting on the appearance of telecommunications across on the island. It’s been inspiring to see employees within this department passionate about improving the efficiency of planning in Bermuda. Everyone in the Planning Department has been extremely helpful and friendly and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity’.

Staff Spotlight – Meet Malik Richards

August 17, 2020

Introducing our new series ‘Staff Spotlight’

We are pleased to introduce Malik Richards, the Department’s bursary student who has just graduated with his Bachelors Degree in Geography from Saint Mary’s University!
A word from Malik:
‘After graduation from Warwick Academy, I decided to pursue geography as my university degree, because I always enjoyed the subject and how it can be related to so many other disciplines. I quickly took a liking to the human side of geography and urban development in particular. Shortly after the end of my first year in university, I heard about the Government Bursary for the Department of Planning and I was immediately interested. Fortunately I was awarded the bursary and the following summer I began working with the Department of Planning as a summer student. My work as a summer student taught me a lot, not only about the planning profession but also about Bermuda and how our island has developed. Now, after graduation from university in May 2020 I have returned to work for the Department full time and I look forward to continuing to grow and develop my skills as a young professional’.