About us

The Department of Planning prepares development and local plans for the environmental, economic and social needs of Bermuda to ensure that development is accommodated in a sustainable way. It manages the development of land to ensure optimal use while conserving important flora, fauna and natural habitats. The Department determines planning and building permit applications, ensures building operations are carried out in compliance with current building codes, and enforces planning policy and regulations to ensure the welfare of the community.

Mission Statement

Ensure the sustainable managment of the natural and built environment.


Department Objectives:

  •  Balancing the need for development with protecting the natural and historic environment
  •  Manage the development of land to ensure its efficient use.
  •  Ensure policies and processes are streamlined, transparent and consistently implemented.
  •  Ensure developments are constructed in compliance with required standards to ensure the health, safety and welfare of communities.
  •  Engage with, educate and be responsive to the needs of the public

Letters of objection and/or representation should be emailed to planningfrontdesk@gov.bm referencing the PLAN or SUB number in the subject line.

Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, 5th Floor, 58 Court Street Hamilton, HM12, Bermuda

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