Appeal Decisions

The table below sets out all decisions issued by the Minister responsible for Planning on appeals against decisions of the Development Applications Board. Further details on each case can be found by clicking the link in the ‘Appeal Reference’ column. For more information on the appeals process please refer to the Procedure for Planning Appeals.

Appeal Decisions Issued by the Minister in 2024

Appeal ReferenceDate of Appeal DecisionSite LocationProposalDepartment RecommendationDAB DecisionAppeal TypeMinister’s Decision
APPL0013-2317 January 20242 Steeple Road, SmithsProposal to Replace Existing Fiberglass Pool with New Block Pool, New Wooden Pool Deck and Outdoor Kitchen, Extend Pool Enclosure, New 4ft High Wall, Glass Handrail (4 ft. Max Height), New Retaining Wall (4 ft. Max Height) and New Fencing (4 ft. Max Height).RefuseRefuseRegular – 3rd partyAppeal Allowed – Approved
APPL0020-2317 January 202434 Harbour Drive, HamiltonTwo Hotel Residence Buildings, with 4 Units per Building (8 Units Total), Ancillary Parking, Semi Detached Garages, Plant Facilities on the Opposite Side of Harbour Drive and New Geoweb Retaining Wall Along Foreshore (Max Height 30 ft.).ApproveApproveRegular – ApplicantAppeal Dismissed – Approved
APPL0012-2306 February 202488 South Road, WarwickProposed 3rd Floor Addition to Existing Approved Building, Including 2 New
Units (6 Units in Total) and New Trash Storage (Revision to existing
Building Permit BC0122-21).
RefuseRefuseRegular – 3rd partyAppeal Allowed – Approved
APPL0011-2312 February 2024185 South Road, PagetThe proposal seeks to acquire planning permission and registration of the three lots in confirmation of their established deeds and conveyance.RefuseRefuseRegular – ApplicantAppeal Dismissed – Refused
APPL0014-2316 February 202416 Tulo Lane, PembrokeRetroactive Application for 8 ft. Fence along the Eastern Boundary.RefuseRefuseRetroactiveAppeal Allowed – Approved
APPL0016-2316 February 20246 Windwood Crescent, PembrokeProposed New Pool with Pool Deck, Renovate Existing Shed to Create New Bathromm and Pool Pump Room and Extend Existing Porch Roof.ApproveApproveRegular – 3rd partyAppeal Dismissed – Approved
APPL0023-2316 February 202423 Highwood Lane, PagetProposed Second Storey Addition to Existing Apartment and 4 ft. High
Boundary Wall; Retroactive Excavation of a portion of the lot
ApproveApproveRetroactiveAppeal Dismissed – Approved
APPL0024-2316 February 202423 Highwood Lane, PagetProposed Second Storey Addition to Existing Apartment and 4 ft. High Boundary Wall; Retractive Excavation of a portion of the lotApproveApproveRegular – 3rd partyAppeal Dismissed – Approved
APPL0018-2314 March 202470 Somerset Road, SandysProposed Two Bedroom House with Parallel Parking Bay and Septic Tank. (Listed Building)
Plan Number (Being Objected To)
ApproveApproveRegular – 3rd partyAppeal Dismissed – Approved
APPL0027-2318 March 202413 Coney Island Road East, HamiltonProposed Creation of 13 New Lots (14 Total)ApproveApproveRegular – 3rd partyAppeal Allowed – Approved
APPL0026-2318 March 202417 South Road, St. GeorgeRetroactive Application for an Attached 2 (Two) Car Garage.RefuseRefuseRetroactiveAppeal Allowed – Approved
APPL0001-2404 April 20245 Cedarberry Drive, HamiltonRetroactive Application for Construction Access Path(to be Restored to Existing Grade upon Completion).RefuseRefuseRetroactiveAppeal Allowed – Approved
APPL0021-2304 April 202492A South Road,  Smith’sRetroactive proposed renewal of permission to operate a concession stand at John Smith’s Bay.RefuseRefuseRetroactiveAppeal Allowed – Approved
APPL0028-2304 April 202488 South Road, WarwickProposed 4 storey tourism accommodation (use class7) with 4 – three bedroom units. Proposed asphalt driveway, car parking area (9 car spaces), cycle parking area (9 spaces), new 4ft max height retaining wall, 4ft max height barrier fencing and gates, plunge pools, pergola, septic tank and boreholes.RefuseRefuseRegular – 3rd partyAppeal Allowed – Approved


Appeal Decisions Issued by the Minister in 2023

Appeal Decisions Issued by the Minister in 2022

Appeal Decisions Issued by the Minister in 2021

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