The City of Hamilton Plan 2015 provides a commitment from the Department of Planning to prepare a dedicated local plan for North East Hamilton. Informed by detailed public consultation exercises, the Department has explored a number of options for a local plan which is tailored to the needs of the area and representative of the views of the local community. The Draft North East Hamilton Local Plan 2021 represents the culmination of this work to date.


The Plan aspires to create a context which facilitates a community-based approach to increased economic activity and investment in the area, for the benefit of existing businesses and residents. Information on the Draft Plan is provided below, together with details of how you can get involved in the plan-making process.

Status of the Plan


The Department is conscious that previous public consultation exercises designed to inform the preparation of this Plan took place some time ago and therefore, the Plan will not be operative until full consideration has been given to all feedback received as part of the forthcoming public consultation phase. This decision has been taken because we want to hear the views of the local community and other interested stakeholders as to the approach that has been devised in the Plan before it becomes operative. Information gathered through the public consultation phase will be used to shape a future, operational version of the document, ensuring that it is a Plan which is representative of the views of the local community.

Public consultation



** The public consultation phase has now commenced. All comments must be submitted by 8th October.**

The opinions of the local community are critical to the plan-making process. We therefore hope that you will take the opportunity to review the information on this page and participate in the process. Unfortunately the Department is constrained in terms of the extent of in-person community consultation exercises that we would like to conduct due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. However, we have been conducting virtual presentations to interested parties and we would be amenable to further virtual sessions for anyone who wishes to engage in this way.


December 2020
January - April 2021
March - June 2021
5th July 2021
2nd Aug - 8th Oct
22nd Oct - 5th Nov
October - December
Winter 2021/22
Further information
  • To view our new storymap version of the Plan, please click here
  • To view a PDF version of the Plan, please click here
  • FAQs
  • Telephone: 297-7756
  • Email: Please note that this email address is provided solely for the purposes of submitting any questions you may have about the Plan. All formal comments on the Plan must be submitted through the Customer Self Service portal

Letters of objection and/or representation should be emailed to referencing the PLAN or SUB number in the subject line.

Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, 5th Floor, 58 Court Street Hamilton, HM12, Bermuda

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** The consultation period is now open. Please ensure that all comments are submitted by 8TH OCTOBER. **