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Bermuda Plan 2008 Zoning Maps

The Bermuda Plan 2008 Zoning Maps designate all areas of the island (except for the lands subject to the
provisions of the City of Hamilton Plan 2001) into four zoning types: Development Base Zones,
Convervation Base Zones, Conservation Areas and Protection Areas. The Conservation and
Protection Areas overlay either a Development Base Zone or a Conservation Base Zone.
An additional zone designates those ‘Special Study Areas’ for which a local plan may be developed
at a later date. For further information on the Bermuda Plan 2008 Zoning maps and the policies
that pertain to them please refer to the Bermuda Plan 2008 Planning Statement.

These Zoning maps are availabe for purchase in hardcopy or CD format from the Department of

To view our free interactive Mapping Application please select the Mapping button in the
toolbar. The Mapping Application can be used to center a Zoning Map on a particular address or
area to display or print.

Each page of the hardcopy Zoning Maps is free to download as a PDF document. Click the ‘Map
Index’ to look for the relevant map number.

Bermuda Plan 2008 Zoning Maps

Letters of objection and/or representation should be emailed to referencing the PLAN or SUB number in the subject line.

Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, 5th Floor, 58 Court Street Hamilton, HM12, Bermuda

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