Staff Spotlight – Meet Mandy Shailer

September 18, 2020


A Bermuda High School alumni, Mandy Shailer graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in Geography, before returning to Bermuda to work as a Survey Technician for the Ministry of Works and Engineering. Having been introduced to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) during her studies, she was given the opportunity to work with and learn more about the government’s existing GIS. After a year of work experience with GIS, Mandy decided to seek further education and successfully earned her Masters degree in GIS from the University of Edinburgh.

Returning to Bermuda, Mandy was thrilled to be given the opportunity to apply her GIS skills to the management and protection of Bermuda’s natural environment, first as a Consultant and then as the GIS Mapping Analyst for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

After about 12 years, Mandy recognized an opportunity for personal and professional growth when the Department of Planning advertised for a new Information Systems Officer. Honoured to be offered the position, Mandy started in November 2019.

Shortly after joining, Mandy successfully earned a professional designation as a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) from the GIS Certification Institute.

Mandy has joined the department at a pivotal time, as we work through a phased implementation of our paperless information management system, EnerGov. EnerGov uses GIS technology for centralized planning and permitting management, including mobile applications for on-site inspections and plan review. Mandy is excited to guide the department to the next crucial phase of the implementation, where all Planning applications will be submitted, processed and reviewed online.


A few words from Mandy:

“Information is arguably a country’s most important asset and the systems that manage it are essential infrastructure. I enjoy working with geographic information systems because I’ve always loved maps and the variety of information they can deliver. Keeping these systems accurate and up-to-date is essential for effective decision making. I am grateful to the Dept of Planning for this opportunity to expand my skillset and I’m excited to work with the department as we move into the next phase of implementation of our paperless application management system. It’s going to be a game changer for Planning.”

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